“Thank you for your always wonderful and precious help, now you are nearly a member of the family…! Both boys told me they wish you were their school teacher, as nobody explains Chemistry in such a clear, easy and passionate way.”

– CF


“To do really well in Chemistry A level you need a tutor who not only knows the subject inside out, but can inspire confidence in the student and communicate its peculiar magic as a branch of knowledge. Naveed is an example of this rare breed of educator who still has the inner fire needed to do this, and has given our son a real chance of doing the course he wants at the university he wants.”

– RG


“My daughter was tutored by a couple of chemistry tutors over her A level years. However it was not until she started to be tutored by Naveed that she/we felt happy with her progress. Naveed very quickly understood her needs and she immediately felt comfortable with the pace of the tutorials and the sessions being tailored to her requirements. The results speak for themselves as although she was predicted a B her final result was A*. This in part is a testament to the success of Naveed’s tutoring methods.”

– JC


“I can warmly recommend Naveed, who tutored my son for IGCSE Chemistry. He was well organised, experienced, thorough, exam oriented and reliable. He was flexible in arranging tutorials and punctual. I had confidence in his approach and so did my son, who found the tutorials helpful in explaining the more difficult topics. My son is considering A level Chemistry and I would certainly go to Naveed again to supplement school lessons if necessary.”

– CMcE


“I have had a lot of tutors since I moved country. Naveed has been by far the best!

With his very strategic and organised approach to the subject he allowed me to fully understand and learn chemistry. Also his amazing practical tips have helped me overcome my memory problem and recall in a logical way all the material. He gave me the tools to build up my knowledge of chemistry by teaching me and helping me consolidate the basis of the subject.
He passed me his strong passion for the subject during his professional but very interactive lessons; I love chemistry now!
From knowing very little of the subject (not having done GCSE chemistry) he helped me manage to get an A in A level chemistry after 1 year and a half of amazing tutoring (also via Skype).

What made me feel confident in the subject was his positive attitude towards my learning, he believed in me! He helped me discover my skills, not only applicable when studying but also applicable in every day life. I learnt so much from him! I strongly recommend Naveed, if only there was a Naveed also for other subjects…”

– CF


“After achieving a D grade in my chemistry GCSE mock exam, my parents took the initiative to find a tutor to help pull my grade up. Naveed was recommended by a family friend, and in just a few weeks, my ability and confidence in the subject skyrocketed. His excellent teaching and pastoral care was the catalyst for my much improved result in the real exam – an A! I am wholly appreciate of his help and would recommend him in an instant.”

– MB


“Naveed is a superb tutor! He helped me find my strengths and weaknesses, which then allowed him to show me what was needed to be done. Not only this but he gives great moral support during hard times, like exams, and is always a phone call/email away if you need any last minute help.”

– OA


“Naveed has been tutoring my daughter for over a year now. I can confidently say that he is an excellent teacher & a great motivator, someone who really enthuses his students. My daughter came from getting a U in her mocks on January last year to a B in her AS Chemistry in August. She has good understanding & applies her knowledge well. Her confidence has sky rocketed so that from being the most challenging of her subjects, Chemistry is now her favourite & most enjoyable, her other two being Maths & Biology.

Naveed is very professional, unfailingly punctual & has a good rapport with my daughter. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.”

– AO


“I just wanted to say that H found the first tuition session “unbelievably useful” – so definitely worthwhile for him and a step in the right direction! We will see you next week.”

– JT


“We found Naveed when my daughter failed her mock GCSE and we realised our daughter was completely out of her depth. With only 10 weeks to go and pretty much the complete Chemistry syllabus to get through, Naveed really did achieve the impossible – our daughter passed her GCSE this summer. We are all delighted and thrilled with Naveed’s patience and amazing teaching skills.”

– VS


“Since Naveed has been tutoring my son in A-level Chemistry there has been a marked improvement in his grasp of the subject and confidence levels. In a short time Dan’s ‘working at’ grade has improved from a C to an A.

We would highly recommend Naveed to anyone looking for a competent, knowledgeable tutor.”

– AP


“My Son was struggling with his A level Chemistry course and feeling very negative about his ability to gain the required grades for University. Naveed very quickly realised that Ben was capable and had the knowledge to succeed but lacked confidence. Naveed has tailored his sessions to meet my Son’s individual needs and has taught him at a pace that has enabled Ben to grasp the facts that he was overlooking due to his lack of confidence in questioning his teachers in a classroom environment.

Naveed is always organised and has been extremely flexible in changing some sessions when needed and always acts in a professional manner. Ben has built up a great relationship with him and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naveed as a Chemistry tutor.”

– AC


“Nav has taught both of my sons Chemistry.

For the first, it was as if a light had suddenly switched on and having only achieved a D in his mocks, he got an A in his GCSE. He began to love Chemistry so much, he took it for A-level.

For the second, I thought it was going to be more difficult, as he seemed to have no interest in the subject at all. His first lesson, he came out and said, “I wish all of my teachers were like Nav. He just makes you want to do well.” His next report, he went from a D to an A.

Both of my boys are very different. Nav worked out their differences immediately and calculated a way in which to teach them to suit their individual characters.

If only we knew a Nav in every subject!”

– TT


“We are so glad we were introduced to Naveed. Through weekly sessions with Naveed our son’s knowledge in his Chemistry subject came on tremendously, and this gave him the much needed confidence in his A2 exams. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naveed.”

– HP


“Naveed has tutored both my sons and kindled their interest in Chemistry. He doubled one son’s Chemistry grade in two terms. I couldn’t recommend Naveed highly enough. He is an excellent tutor who gets results quickly and helps the students to understand their Chemistry and to enjoy it again. My sons have recommended him to their friends who have also benefited from his coaching.”

– AG


“Naveed is not only a friendly, generous person but also a tutor who goes the extra mile in every part of the course in order to help me succeed. Lessons are packed with information yet in small bursts that aren’t overloading and he specifically tailors the lessons to one’s individual needs. Each lesson is interactive and my progress is seen almost immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nav to anyone!”

– SH


“My son felt anxious about his ability to tackle the A-level Chemistry course.

We approached Naveed who has now been seeing him for a term and a bit; my son’s anxiety has decreased and Chemistry is now his favourite A-level subject! From the outset I found Naveed reassuringly professional and perceptive. I would be happy to recommend him as a Chemistry tutor.”

– MH


“I was really struggling at the start of my A-levels with Chemistry and as one on one help is very limited in school I felt I didn’t understand the complex ideas. Naveed helped me through with revision techniques and re-learning the whole course as I was a long way behind. It just took some one on one tutoring to get to grips with my Chemistry as, in the end, I managed to get an A in the module I was struggling with the most.”

– JP


“The tutoring has been organised and we work in a relaxed environment which makes it easy to ask questions. I feel positive about getting my target grades, so long as I keep up the work-rate!”

– RO


“Thank you for yesterday’s lesson. J was full of enthusiasm afterwards, he found it interesting and very helpful. Thanks again.”

– AD