…Naveed has been by far the best!

I have had a lot of tutors since I moved country. Naveed has been by far the best!

With his very strategic and organised approach to the subject he allowed me to fully understand and learn chemistry. Also his amazing practical tips have helped me overcome my memory problem and recall in a logical way all the material. He gave me the tools to build up my knowledge of chemistry by teaching me and helping me consolidate the basis of the subject.
He passed me his strong passion for the subject during his professional but very interactive lessons; I love chemistry now!
From knowing very little of the subject (not having done GCSE chemistry) he helped me manage to get an A in A level chemistry after 1 year and a half of amazing tutoring (also via Skype).

What made me feel confident in the subject was his positive attitude towards my learning, he believed in me! He helped me discover my skills, not only applicable when studying but also applicable in every day life. I learnt so much from him! I strongly recommend Naveed, if only there was a Naveed also for other subjects…